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OK, this is a request from agggges ago that I am just getting around to, so enjoy!

Fair warning, the sex in this is consensual, but the lass has been kidnapped, so if you don’t like that, please don’t read.


Kia woke with her hands tied behind her back, arms stretched to that point where pleasure threatens to turn into pain. The last thing she remembered was coming home to an empty house, and then blackness. Sure as hell she wasn’t laid out on her sofa having dozed off in front of the TV, though.

“Hey, guys, I think she’s awake.”

The sound of a deep, male voice that didn’t belong to her husband sent a shiver down Kia’s spine so cold it froze her whole body solid.

“Oh, yeah, she’s awake.”

Heavy footsteps circled her, crunching along the ground.

Kia opened her mouth, relieved to find nothing gagging her. “Who are you? Why am I here?”

Someone laughed. “You’re here because we were paid to bring you here.”

A hand brushed Kia’s face, then tangled in her hair and yanked, stretching her neck far enough she thought it might snap. “You kidnapped me?” She gasped out her words.

“Pretty much.”

Warm lips met her throat for a brief moment before they were torn away.

“Hey, you know what the boss said. We can’t touch her unless she gives us permission.”

“Ha!” a third voice barked. “Like she’s gonna let three of us fuck her.”

“Ya never know!”

Kia listened to them banter back and forth, identifying three voices and three sets of feet. They laughed and explained in great detail what they would do to her if she asked them nicely. But the more they spoke, the more Kia’s mind drifted to late one afternoon when she’d admitted to her husband that being fucked six ways from Sunday by more than one guy was something that turned her on. And the more these three guys talked about bending her over and fucking her, or driving their cocks down her throat, the more she squirmed in her seat.

She wasn’t sure whether ten minutes had passed or two hours, but before long, all she could think about was these three strangers and how many times she could be fucked before she either passed out or they did. In the back of her mind she thought she should be scared at the prospect of having been kidnapped, but lust overrode those thoughts.

“Okay,” she heard herself say.

All three men went silent.

“Did she just?” one of them whispered.

“Yeah, I think she did.”

The third of them stepped in close and leaned down close enough for Kia to feel his breath against her cheek.

“Just so we’re clear, you’re saying we can fuck you? All three of us? In any way we choose?”

“Yes.” She whispered at first, fearful of the repercussions from her husband, but excited all the same, then repeated louder, “Yes.”

They moved in on her quickly, untying her hands, retying them behind her back, and lifting her from her seat. A few steps, and the soft edge of a bed appeared under her. A hand gripped her legs and spread them wide.

“Fuck, she’s wet already,” someone said.

Two fingers plunged into her, taking her by surprise. Her mouth opened in a cry of pleasure that was soon muffled by the first cock to fill her throat.

“Boss said she takes anal, right?”

Someone must have nodded, as the fingers that were fucking her slipped from her pussy and eased into her ass. Her hands clenched at her back, aching to reach out and grab something, anything.

Heavy hands lifted her and a body slid between her and the bed. The cock fell from her mouth for a moment as she was positioned on top of a large body. One hand grabbed her hair and guided her mouth back to the cock as a second one hammered up unto her.

Cool liquid tipped Kia to what was happening next. Rough hands squeezed her ass, spreading her cheeks wide, and a thick cock pushed against her ass. She moaned as it popped into her and she was speared along the length of a third cock. Her whole body was still for a second as the men got used to their positions, but then the fucking started.

Her mouth was used without mercy. Her ass was pummelled. And her pussy was screwed. She was left so wet and turned on that her nipples felt like nails against her bra, and all she could hear was the slapping of soaking wet flesh.

The guy in her ass came first, driving himself deeper still into her as he unloaded inside her. The cock in her mouth twitched and hardened before her throat was filled with hot come. The stranger in her pussy lasted the longest, fucking her deep and hard until he pulled out and came all over her ass.

A door slammed open.

“Hey, boss. We just finished round one. You want in on round two?”

Kia lay panting on the bed, a burning desire to finish herself off making her twist and turn against the mattress.

Heavy footsteps headed towards the bed, and she was flipped onto her back.

Fingers pinched her clit as a cock rammed into her. The combination sent her spiralling into the best orgasm she’d had in years.

As her whole body convulsed in waves of pleasure, the blindfold was yanked from her head. She blinked into the harsh light of a bare room, the contrast of the last few hours bringing her down off her high.

When her eyes started to work properly, she gasped in shock.

Standing above her, his thick cock ramming into her pussy, was her husband.

He leaned down and whispered, “Happy birthday, sweetheart. You up for round two?”

Writing © short story erotica



Anonymous asked:

Can you please write a story about beach sex?

A nice, simple walk along the beach is a great way to clear the mind, especially when it’s cluttered up with sexual frustration. I’d been watching porn at an alarming rate over the last few weeks. Being on my own had never suited me. My hand wasn’t enough to keep the need to fuck at bay.

Still, some fresh air wasn’t a bad way to clear out the masturbation induced fog from my brain.

The sand was cool under my feet, and hardly a soul was about. Clouds had come out to play, sending most everyone except avid dog walkers back to the comfort of their homes. But as I walked, a sound reached my ears. It sounded almost like moaning. Coming from somewhere in the dunes.

On the off chance that someone was injured, I decided to investigate. The closer I got, however, the more I recognised the sound. No one was injured, but someone was getting laid.

Even knowing what the noise was, I couldn’t seem to stop my feet from moving towards it. Curiosity begged me to take a peek.

Just around the dune, knelt on a large, bright towel, was a couple. She was on her knees, tits swinging as she was fucked from behind.

They looked up as I came into view, but instead of screaming or trying to cover themselves, the pair continued to fuck. He grabbed her breasts and hauled the woman up, giving me a full view of his cock speaking her pussy. He grinned at me, and I half expected him to beckon me forward for a taste. He didn’t. Watching was fine, apparently, but not touching.

Fine by me. This was a better show than I’d seen in weeks. No grainy faked orgasms here.

I settled in against the sand and unzipped my pants. My cock was already long and thick, begging to be used. Her eyes widened at the sight of it. I wrapped my hand around it, savouring the woman’s moans and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Her nipples stood erect, in part against the cold, and in part because of how damn aroused she was. Her pussy glinted in the sunlight, his cock pushing against the wetness until it ran down her thigh.

The sight was better than anything I’d ever seen in porn. It had my own orgasm poised, ready for release. His hand drifted down to her clit, fingering it until she arched her back and cried out in release.

I joined her, shooting onto the sand between my legs.

I cleaned up with a tissue from my pocket, and rose from the sand. He had her on her back now, not finished fucking her. I nodded my thanks and continued out onto the beach and headed home.

Never had a walk on the beach done so many wonders for sexual frustration.




My main tips for those trying it for the first time:

1. Foreplay for a whileeee, The hornier the better.

2. insane amounts of lube, please take the advise
*personal experience*

3. start out slowly, a finger, then two, then the guys dick.

4BIG guy goes on the front, your
vagina has more stretching qualities. small guy gets the best ;)

5. Position can vary but to start cowgirl is the
easiest, opens your bottom parts better :) reverse cowgirl is the best
but thats expert mode :)

6. make sure both guys are ok if their parts touch
(not all guys are) ««< they will

7. Stranger must wear a condom, don’t want your hubby
w/ cum on his dick from another dude.

8. did i say start out slowwwwwwwly? if i didnt

9. you WILL make noise cause its
just damn good, so plan accordingly. (windows closed, kids sleeping or

10have fun :) enjoy cumming mad times.

As Slutty as it might sound, many people have wondered what it feels
like to be Double Penetrated. Those of you who happen to be swingers,
or have been know that it can get so hot and sexy that you just cant
hold yourself back and want those two guys to do you at the same time.

Simply put, ITS A HUGE RUSH. When you are being double penetrated, you
are the center of attention, you are their pleasure center and all
they want to do is worship your ass or your pussy for that matter
until you can bring them to a climax when in reality it is the girl
the one enjoying herself the most.

I’ve been Dp’d a few times ;) and i can say its incredible, you must
be totally horny and into the moment otherwise its gonna hurt like
hell especially if any of those partners has a huge dick and well the
BIGGEST guy has to be in the front at least thats my preference. The
orgasms i experienced were insane, within two minutes i had my first
orgasm and they just kept coming one after another to the point that
my legs were shaking. They’ve always been w/ hot guys so its visual
pleasure, physical pleasure, and the rush of the “taboo” that comes
with it.

The feeling of your pussy stretched by your partner, is simply sexy
and hot. Going in and out you start to get hotter and hotter moaning
and caressing his chest i could feel my toes curling as he grabbed my
waist n pushed down with each thrust. The feeling of a “friend” behind
slowly starting to slide his dick in my ass while my husband is still
going slowly in and out, i could feel that insaneeeee feeling in the
tip of your stomach. Slowly grabbed me and started to slide it in, my
first “friend” wasn’t huge but mind you my husband’s penis was inside
already and he’s is. It felt like that “full sensation” everyone talks
about, well you feel like you are all theirs and you are physical raw
pleasure for a moment. At the beginning it hurts im not gonna lie but
when they are both inside… wowww beyond hot. I felt my legs shaking,
this other guy started to pull my hair slowly while my husband had my
nipples on his mouth; thrusting both of them at the same time, we had
music going in the background and they were like on sync with the song
cause i could feel a slight rhythm. WOW two minutes went by and i
couldnt hold it anymore, i came all over my husbands dick. then they
got even hotter cause they started going harder and harder i just
remember my body becoming so warm, i started screaming with so much
pleasure had like a couple full bodied orgasms, it wasnt even moaning
it was more like shouting with so much ecstasy.

We did it for about twenty minutes or so, i must have had seven or
eight full orgasms and my husband made me squirt twice cause the bed
was soaked (i kno i kno some of you don’t believe in squirting,
guess what, it happens and it feels damn good)
 My other guy was
going in and out so hard i remember he was making my ass like clap on
his pelvis one after the other, it gets extremely good but even tho ur
having fun when you reach your max you must let them know to take one
out cause you get sore quickly.

Turns out the guy in the back had already cum a few minutes before
they stopped cause when he pulled out the condom was full of cum,
threw a new one on and tried to keep on going. NOPE time for a
. the hubby layed there while i gave him head and well
thats another story but for now i can tell ya’ll if you ever get to
try double penetration you wont regret it. If you are not into having
another random guy or friend play with you guys use a dildo or a
vibrator, we’ve done it plenty of times and it rocks even better w/ a
vib. small at first BIGGER later :)

Emily Salazar.




I think my “curious” meter just jumped up a few (hundred) notches.


You have been such a bad girl again. You and your roommate Jill got kicked out of an Irish bar on St. Patrick’s Day for rowdy behavior - dancing is generally allowed on the bar unless you kick the bartender in the head with your green high heel, even if is was an accident. Arriving home early, filled with green beer, Jill announces that she wanted pizza. “A big fuckin’ pizza with fuckin’ mushrooms and fuckin’ meat and lots of fuckin’ cheese!” The sure sign that Jill was drunk. It takes a couple of tries to get a hold of a pizza place that delivers but you put in the order with lots of help from Jill, “did you get that we want lots of fuckin’ cheese?” Yes, Jill, they got it. Extra fuckin’ cheese. They said it would take about 20 minutes.
Jill says she still wants to party but you called everyone you know and apparently you two were the only ones kicked out. You are about to give up when you look out and see the pizza guy pull up. He gets out and you have an idea. “Jill, take off your clothes but leave on your bra and panties” You take off you skirt and shirt leaving on your thong and your bra and your high heels. The doorbell rings and there is a guy with two pizza boxes. You hand Jill her purse and make her sit in the kitchen. You go to the door and open it as the pizza guy is ringing it again again “Joe’s Piz….” He stops mid-sentence as he noticed you standing in the doorway and your lack of clothes. You tell him “thank you for bringing the pizzas so quickly. Can you bring them in and set them in our kitchen while we get you the money?” The guy is good looking and utterly speechless and you lead him to the kitchen. Jill is sitting on the chair in her bra and panties, still holding the purse “please excuse Jill, she is drunk and really horny and it’s difficult for her to count money” She takes some bills and coins out of her purse, then drops them on the floor. “Oopps” says Jill, then gets on her hands and knees, her sweet ass in the air pointed at you both. You reach into the fridge and pull out a bottle of chocolate syrup and turn to the pizza guy. “Is this good on pizza” You dribble some on your body. “Oh no, I spilled, could you help me clean this?” The pizza guys sets down the pizza and tries to wipe you off with a napkin. You have sticky sweet chocolate running down your body and his hands are sliding over you. Jill says to the guy “I think you got some on your pants” and begins to rub the bulge in his pants. Your hand slips behind you and you unclasp your bra and while he is trying to wipe off the chocolate in front, you bra goes limp and he is rubbing your bare breasts. “Oh that feels good when you rub them like that” now the pizza guy is licking the chocolate syrup off your nipples and you look down and Jill has her hand inside his zipper. “I think I got some syrup down here, it feels so wet” and you take his hand and put it in your panties. You can feel him slip one of his fingers inside you, and you moan “oooohh FUUCCKK YEAH, show me what a dirty girl i am” and he finger fucks you while Jill is slipping his cock in her mouth. “Oh that tastes good” she says and begins to slurps and suck while you are getting off on his mouth sucking your nipple and his finger stroking your g-spot, oh god yes, keep going. The sounds Jill is making were absolutely sinful, she is slurping and sucking and moaning and the pizza guy is moaning while he is sucking on your nipple, and his fingers inside your throbbing pussy and oh FUCK, you are climaxing and squirting all over his thrusting fingers. Now Jill is making sounds of wet pleasure while her mouth is filling with pizza guy cum. Oh fuck, this feels so good and you and Jill finished with the pizza guy, who you found out was named Jack. This evening has turned out much better than any of you expected, even Jack, who was called into work because everyone was at the bar.

   Her name is Harvest.

   It takes a certain type of Catholic girl to grovel in an alley to pay the price for being a spoiled rotten bitch. A Chinese girl born into money not made in the communist homeland, but outside in the British influence which in itself is the corrosive religious colonial subjugation of the primal beast lying deep within the sleeping dragon. And the dragon is soaking wet.

   “Bless me Father, for I have sinned.”. With a finger inside her pink panties, underneath her too short skirt, she began to tell of things she knew was wrong but could not help committing. Harvest had no choice, salvation comes with a heavy price. She wore the sin of pride all over her firm body, and it showed when her double D cups were holding back her rock hard nipples. With each sentence she spoke, her finger went in deep, swam around inside her wet pussy then came almost all the way back out to feel the fresh air against her moist finger. Her confessor was well aware of her ways and his rigid member would throb with each word of lust she spilled, one word at a time, one drop of pure pussy juice at a time. The smell of a fuck rose as she continued, her confessor would leave his own puddle to match hers.

   “I was driving my car 5 minutes from home, Father, and I spotted a ricksaw driver. I park my car and called him to come over then I step out of my car and told him that he’s been chosen as a man that will shooting his cum inside me, in my mouth. He was so shock but I grab his Dick and I ask him if we can go somewhere quiet. He pointed to a security office, which is abandoned.

   I parked my car nearby and I follow him entering the small room. I was so nervous. I pull his pants down and start sucking his Dick. He had a way bigger Dick than my limp husband. The stench is bad but it makes me tingle with excitement. He was groaning a lot, and I sucked him while I played with myself, I told him that he can shoot his cum inside my mouth and I will swallow it, and I came before he did. When he shoots, his cum was so thick, so hard to swallow, and it’s really salty. He hold my head with both his hands and just forced my mouth agains his Dick. I tried so hard to close my lips so the cum wouldn’t spill out, Father. When he pulled out, I tried to swallow it all, and I could. Then I sucked his Dick again to clean it.

   Then I told him that I gotta go, he was already tired and not answering me, so I just left. I felt so nasty.

   I was walking to my car when 2 security guy spot me. They asked me why I’m here dressed like in a tight white t shirt, too short skirt, with a bra that showed and the words “Chinese slut” on my tits showing through the shirt, like some common Indonesian gutter slut, with my hair all messy. I told them that my Black Master wants me to suck Dick tonight, and earn my name for harvesting cum. I grabbed both of their Dick and smiled. I tried to undress them but they told me that I should come with them to a more private place. So I walked with them to a small, clean room. I bent down, spread my legs and I zip down one of them. The other was keeping watch outside. Again, his Dick is way bigger than my hubby’s, which makes me really love it. I start to suck his limp dick while masturbating. I told him to cum inside my bra, he’s not very patient, he just bang my head against his Dick and then he pulled out and shot his cum inside my bra. I told him that i’m happy. I told him that I need a lot of cum to make my Black Master happy. I licked and sucked it clean. He left me there and went outside, and his friend came to get me inside. He walked while zipping down his fly, he was so horny I can tell, I know my face was a mess, but he didn’t really mind it.

   I began to suck it, I sucked it hard hoping that he would cum fast, but he held it. I told him that when he chums he should cum in my mouth. I massage his balls for not long then he came. It was a lot, and I spit it out on my hand and I wiped it on my pussy. I was about to suck his Dick clean when the door opened. A middle aged manhe wanted to get his Dick sucked too. The other security guy told him about me I guess. I told him that I will suck, and only suck, no fuck, he said it’s ok. So I lick the second guard’s Dick clean as he started fishing out his Dick. It was really black, and he had really huge balls… so huge. I tried all my best to suck him until my throat and jaw is aching. The first security guy came inside and he jerked off to the sight of me sucking a stranger’s Dick. Then I remembered my Black Master said to me that I need to collect sperm. I told him that he can shoot his cum wherever on me and he came so fast I was surprised about it too. He did well staining the back of my head, he shot it inside of my already mess hair. I'm sure the guy that I was sucking is kinda horny and wanted to shoot his load soon so he jerked it on my face, he told me that he will shoot his load on my face. He made me suck his ball in between and when he shoots his cum it was a lot and he told me to spread his cum on my face. I did what he told me to do, I told him that he’s a real man, and he told me that i’m a whore. I sucked him clean and I handed him my wet panties. I told him he can do whatever he wants with it. He’s said that it disgusts him and he said that I should hold it. But then he saw my lipstick falling out of my pussy. He asked me if I want to go home, I said yes. He then followed me back to my car with panties on my hand and lipstick case on the other. He asked me what the deal with the lipstick. I told him that my Black Master wants me to keep it inside me all the time when i’m out. He told me to bend over my car and took the lipstick from my hand, he just pushed it deep inside my pussy. Then he told me to put my panties in my mouth and I needed to suck them clean… it was in the middle of parking lotopen space… I was humiliated. Then he told me to stuffed my panties inside my pussy so the lipstick case won’t be falling out. He wait for me until I finished stuffing my panties inside my pussy then he gave 2 slaps on my butt, and told me to go home. 

   I’m still all sweaty and sticky, Father, I love to be controlled, to be told what to do, to be owned. The panties is still inside, Father, my face is still covered in cum, and it’s going dry now, most of it is still wet.”

   Harvest walked away with a trail of pussy juice leaking with each step. Cum dried on each nipple under her sheer bra. Her hair was a total disaster, but the protein conditioner will do it good.The rigid confessor moaned inside the cubicle that holds all secrets, and the sound of spewing seed is quiet in this tiny church. Harvest served Me well that night, and with this corruption in play, her deeds will truly become unholy.

   Respect is shown in many ways. Devotion and religious freedom abound. “Saya lonte milik tuan sekarang kamu anjing tidak berguna.” 


black_10_atlanta on Yahoo chat

   Matching lingerie on a wet white girl.

   I’ve always had a thing for the way white girls caress their flesh with soft silks meant to be soiled by a Man whose rigid needs open all holes. I like lace bras on those whose lips, wet and luxurious, travel My long shaft and slowly make love to My Dick. I like holding shoulders made to wear such a bra, the lean lines are truly seductive. I get hard seeing someone kneels down in matching lingerie that hides their flesh from daylight eyes but exhibit it for My viewing pleasure, a white girl with a raging hunger that forgets everything around her and just does what she were born to do, what you love to do, how you want to get off, femininity and a touch of animal that blends well when your lips slide back and forth finding your soul’s wants all inside your skilled and wanton mouth. Athletic in the pursuit of the load of cum which the cock-sucker wearing silk lingerie earns as a reward for doing such a good job, swallowing it to nourish a belly hungry for the sweet taste of semen, floating… knowing your feminine charms made a Man spew so hard you will never forget the experience.

   I have a thing for truly sexual people who want to open their minds and devour hard Dick in a way they would feel ashamed of, but with such a nasty need they don’t care for as long as I stay hard and feed a hunger that was branded into their wicked flesh. An insatiable craving that is only satiated through deep worship of manhood that stays hard in appreciation for your dedication on on your back while I part the seas with strength, determination, and a will to make a white girl learn the power of a Man, something her past never gave her. Held down and spread wide on a love seat or on the hood of a parked car while a firm and knowing hand makes sure you do your very best, words coming out to remind the slut in you why you’re here and that your life was practice for the Dick your pussy now feeds on. Like a gutter slut earning her freedom, like a sinner swallowing bliss, a white girl wearing matching lingerie that illuminates pleasure because your body knows it can.

   When did you first suck Dick and who did you suck off? That’s when the slut inside was born. That’s the girl who dresses herself in lingerie to make a Man stiffen, to allow the Man to unwrap the soft material which cannot hold Him back from taking the prey which you are born to be. And what a delicious life it is, little wet one. When did you buy the first matching bra and pantie set you wore to show your buds were in full bloom, to keep moist lips at bay, showing off what Mother Nature gives to a girl so she can lure in hard Dick to find the slut in herself being pleasured?

10 magnificent inches. Tall and slender. I am a very Dirty Old Man.


black_10_atlanta on YIM

A task for a nineteen year old girl


     This week will have many things. Do them well and make Me happy. I want photos of you getting dressed tomorrow. you’ll wear your prettiest pink bra and panties. You’ll place the necklace inside your panties and keep it there all day long. This time you will leave a trail of your juices everywhere you go. Bring an extra pair of pretty pink panties.

     The first stop will be at a grocery store. You’ll dress in a white blouse with buttons but they will be unbuttoned down to where your bra begins. You will wear a very short black skirt, your hair will be loose and your perfume will be light. 

     You will wear little make up and your lipstick color will be red. You’ll wear the new heels you go at the shoe store for this day. You will wear thigh high hose to keep your legs warm, and show the trail of sinful juices when you leak.

     Inside the grocery store, you will buy a cucumber. You will check each and every cucumber to get the best one. You will get the cucumber and then go and get a small jar of vaseline. Take your time in the grocery store, look up and down at every man who leers at you. Do not talk to them, but your eyes can tempt. I want you to see how many men get hard looking at you. you will pay for the cucumber and leave.

     For the next part of the task, you will drive to a church. Choose a church you know no one at and that you’ll never visit again.

     You will place the cucumber under you while you drive there. When you get to the church, you will park in a  private spot in their parking lot. You will sit on the cucumber and move your hips back and forth while pinch your nipples softly so you can breath. 

     You will make the cucumber very wet so your pussy can slide faster until you make a mess in your seat. I want you to make a big mess to show you are a big girl. Then you will take the extra towel you keep in your car and wipe up the mess. You will slide down your panties because they are soiled. 

     You will leave the cucumber in the passenger seat. You will get out of your Jeep, go into the church with your panties in your purse. You will find a seat in a pew, sit and keep your legs spread so your necklace can feel your pussy lips licking it. you will sit there and pray that I can make you float every day while you squeeze your thighs tight, hard and without holding back. you will keep squeezing your pussy and making the necklace wetter while praying hard that you can please Me like I need, like you want to, like a big girl drips for. You will cum hard in the pew. 

     When you do, you will take your panties and clean up the mess, leave your panties under the pew so the janitor can have them to jerk off in, and leave the church.

     Then you will go to the shoe store again. You will ask the clerk if he has anything very sexy for a girl with a body like yours. You will tell him that your Man appreciates his good service and that’s why you brought him your panties. 

     When he tells you he has new shes you will ask to use his restroom. you will go there, take your lipstick and raise your skirt to make your pussy lips pretty. Then you will remove your blouse, take off your bra and put it in your purse. 

     You will put your blouse back on and keep the buttons the same as when you had a bra on. You will then go and let the clerk show you the new collection. 

     You will sit there and allow him to look up your skirt as often as he can, and if people are around you will pay them no mind.

     If any man ever tries to do something I don’t approve of tell them “my Man is watching and he doesn’t like it when someone makes me mad.”.

     When the clerk is done you will ask him to do you a favor. You will ask him to use your bra to make a mess in. Tell him you like showing yourself and I want you to learn how to be sexy. Give him your bra and tell him he has to make each cup wet. Then wait until he comes back with your bra filled with his cum. You will take the bra, go back to the put it in your purse and leave.

     You will leave there and put on the extra pair of panties from your car. You will sit on the cucumber again and drive to a home improvement store. You will walk around braless and with your pussy leaking. You will look in the lumber area and linger. If someone asks you if you need help you will tell them that you are learning about how I am working on My bathroom and want to know more about the process. 

     They will tell you a lot, but the key is making them look at your tits while you’re braless, and feeling your pussy leak with the necklace inside. 

     If he talks for more than ten minutes you will thank him and tell him you have to leave. You will then go to the ladies room, take off your panties and keep them in your hand. You will find that person again and thank him again for taking time to teach you. 

     While you thank him, walk towards the door. As you walk out the door, reach for his hand to shake it, and then give him your panties and turn around and walk away.

     You will not speak to him anymore, just walk to your Jeep, get in and sit on the cucumber, and drive away.

     You will drive around and will find a construction site where men are working hard and you will find a place to park where its a little private. You will get out of your Jeep, and as the men work, you will lift your skirt up and look at them three times, then get back in your jeep and drive away. You will find a parking lot to linger in next. Park away from all other cars, turn off your Jeep, take the cucumber and rub it up and down your pussy so your lips can lick it until you make a really big mess. you will clean up the seat, drive to the construction site again, stop, and toss the cucumber out of the window and drive away.

     You will drive for another few block until you find another parking area. Inside your Jeep, take off your skirt and open your blouse all the way. You will now drive back home.

     When you get home you will drive a mile onto your property, then get out of your Jeep, lie on top of your hood, and masturbate how you’d want to show off for Me. You have to make your hood a really nasty mess. 

     Then you will lick and clean yourself, climb into your jeep naked, and drive the rest of the way home. 

     When you get home you will run into your house naked with all your clothes in your hands. you will run upstairs, take a bubble bath and then write Me and tell Me how your day went.

     You will reply to this by saying, “i am nothing but what you make of me and I love you for humiliating me like the nasty girl i am. i belong to you, Sir”.



     I am nothing but what you make of me and I love you for humiliating me like the nasty girl I am. I belong to you Sir.


     Morning my love,

     I cried a lot today doing the things you had me do. They were very humiliating and I really don’t care for feeling like that. I know it’s to prove and show my love and devotion for you I just wish there was another way. I cried a lot. 

     But I know in the end like you said it part of growing up. I do it because it makes you happy even if it hurts or humiliates me. And that is all that really truly matters is making my man happy. And I know it hurts you too to have to have me do these things but I know you only want what’s best for me.

     I woke up with fear and excitement this morning. Fear of knowing I had have to do those humiliating things but excitement know that what was going to be doing was going to show you how much I love you. I dressed in the clothes you picked out for me (the white blouse black skirt and pink undies). 

     I put our necklace inside me and it helped to remind me that this was all for you. It helped when I cried or though that I could not keep going.  I went to the store and felt eyes on me down every isle and while standing there checking all the cucumbers. 

     A lot of guys were staring at me. When I noticed them walking towards me I would walk away like you said.

     I went to the church next and sat on the cucumber and made a mess on my seat just like you said. I have to admit I loved how it felt sliding along my pussy. I know it may shock you that you are hearing me say that word for the first time but I’m a big girl now and that’s what big girls call it. It felt so wonderful. It made me cum so fast and so much. 

     I tried to clean up the mess on the seat but it was still soaked so I just left the towel on the seat. I went into the church and sat in the back, and started to pray. I prayed the god would give me strength to endure the tasks you give me and that in doing so you would be pleased and happy knowing what I was going through for you. I prayed for you also to give the tasks I need to grow and be a big girl. I prayed that you would love me and help me do the thing I need to grow. 

     All the while I was squeezing my thighs like you said. I could feel the puddle under my ass. I must have prayed for a good 45 minutes I really put my heart into it. The puddle grew and started to run down the seat of the pew. After I was done I took my panties like you said and tried to soak up all the liquid but there was a lot. I did the best I could then placed my panties under the seat for the janitor, and left.

     I went to the shoe store and found the guy who helped me and told him I would need some new shoes and to find me a few to try on while I went and used the bathroom. I took the lipstick and painted my lips like you instructed and took my bra off.  With all those buttons you had me undo I had a lot of cleavage sticking out and it was extremely humiliating. Every single guy in there looked right at my tits. 

     He had six pairs for me to try on and they were all very nice. He didn’t even try to hide that he was looking up my skirt. After I tried them all on which took about 30-45 minutes I did like you said and gave him my bra and told him to make a mess in each cup for me. He came back and it each cup was soaked. It felt gross touching it as I placed it back in my purse. He said I could pick out any two pair I wanted for free so I did.  

     He asked when I would be back and I said when ever my man told to come back. He gave me his number again and told me he would love to go out sometime. I told him thank you and left.

     I got back in my jeep and put the extra pair of panties on, and sat back down on the cucumber. OMG it felt wonderful. 

     I went to the home repair store and walked around a bit trying to find the lumber area. I found it and just kinda stood there looking around. This guy came up and asked if I need any help I told him what you said about re-doing your bathroom. 

     I must of glanced down at my tits 100 times if felt so ashamed and humiliated. I told him thank you and went to the bathroom and took my panties back off. I looked around for the guy and gave him the panties like you said he just stood there kinda stunned I guess and I walked out.  I got back in my jeep sat on the cucumber again (OMG I love that) and drove to the next spot on my list. I loved how the cucumber slide back and forth between my pussy lips OMG I could barely concentrate on driving.

     I went to where they are building new house and parked and lifted my skirt up three times like you told me. Again this was extremely humiliating but I fought back my tears and concentrated on pleasing you. I got back in went down the road a ways and used the cucumber to make myself cum which didn’t take that long. 

     Again my seat was soaked and the towel really didn’t help much. When I sat down in I could hear the wetness. I went back to where the guys were working and threw the cucumber at them.  I found a spot to park and took my clothes off and drove home.

     Once inside our gate always I parked and got on top of my hood. I used my finger and hand like you have been teaching me and made myself cum again for you. I wish I had still had the cucumber because it felt much better than my finger.  

     After I made a mess I drove the rest of the way home.  I grabbed my clothes off the seat and ran into the house. The boys were outside and saw me, which was very very very humiliating.  I ran up to my room locked the door cried for a bit and then took a bath. I cried again in the bath. It was relaxing and felt good but I cried again a few minutes later. 

     I cried because what you had me do today was very humiliating it didn’t like it all but I fought through it to prove myself to you.

     I know as you read this you are probably feeling bad too for making me have to go through these things. I know it must be difficult for you to know how much this is hurting me and humiliating me but I know you have to do it and I have to do it. We will get through together my love. I love you. I know it hurts you too but I know you have to make do these things. I know you must be sad but I know you are happy too that I did everything you asked for. I wish we could be together so we can kiss and make each feel better as we go through this learning process. I love you so much and appreciate you helping grown into a big girl. 

    Your big nasty girl,



black_10_atlanta on Yahoo chat

   Dorothy’s panties would moisten when she heard My voice. It gave her hope that her devotion to the unholy orgasm would find releases perverse. Dorothy is known by other names which others call when they need her, but she preferred to hear the sound of My voice telling her its time to leave her space and float in Mine. Dorothy was very good at all she did but I made her an even better piece of prime real estate when swimming seeds of pure protein could find their way into holes dripping wet. Under foot was a male she began to despise for being such a failure at everything he did, especially when it came to the bedroom. Under foot was a worthless, limp, and quite foul being who had finally learned what it was to be kept in place.

   Dorothy has a fine imagination which she colors in the prettiest of layers in her sensually aggressive attire. It takes a girl time to dress, to make herself look like the most desired flower in the garden, to show her valley is soaking wet from rivers of want that never found a dam. Lace licks her supple breasts with each step she takes and she loves the way it kisses her nipples. A slip to hide her bra, another article of clothing to be torn off when the heat rises. Panties which are so sheer one can taste her nectar through the fine silk strands which have been woven in the softest way. Panties he will only see when he washes them by hand the night after she makes them messy. Dorothy loves the variations of shades of the rainbows hose offers, and she adorns her long legs with the most delicious of hues to show Me how hot she burns, or how bad she’s been. It takes a girl time to dress, and she wants that time well spent. Dorothy demands much more than just ten minutes, she wants all night long.

   You can almost hear him whimper now as she offers the collar. You can almost feel his heart race as she makes him see his future, one he can’t handle yet one he can’t live without. A collar he’ll wear always, like the bands exchanged when Dorothy wore all white and expected a Man. Now Dorothy understands she has nothing more than a puppy, and from this moment on the dog will be useful. But then again, Dorothy has a sex life now. Fingers are replaced by Dick she’s not married to. The want of being filled has been replaced by the sensations of hurt which make her cum harder than when she gave birth. Dorothy’s bed now smells of prey being consumed, the stale air has been swept away because Dorothy has now come home.

   Its time for you to collar your dog. Its time for you to find bliss in the want of a Man. Its time for you to forsake all that was said at the altar of forever, the contract which said “in sickness and in health…”, but never said that a girl should whither because her male can’t get it up long enough to make a girl soar. The male you married doesn’t live up to the obligations the marriage bed demands. A small cage in the basement with a bowl for water and a bowl for food is all he deserves.

   Dorothy gets off knowing she can make her nasty little bitch bark and wag its tail on command. Dorothy has found a reason to hurt the very thing which she wanted to love and I allow her to grow in this depraved union between herself and the dog she keeps under foot. A girl just wants to be devious. And look pretty being bad.


black_10_atlanta on Yahoo chat

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