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It’s been a long while, but finally, here’s some sexy good times!

There’s an urge in me. Sometimes it’s nice and quiet and sits at the back of my mind. But others it takes over every thought I have. It gets to the point where every guy I look at makes me hotter and hotter.

I’m fortunate enough to have a very understanding husband who has his own needs and fantasies. Where I enjoy the occasional sex marathon where my partners will number as many as I can manage, my husband loves the look on my face as I come over and over.

Today that urge is burning bright. In part it’s anticipation for the evening’s events. But the rest is just pure lust coursing through me, turning every movement into an agony of sexual desire. The commute to work had me fidgeting, but the hour long ride home was worse.

A train filled with end-of-the-day business men in tight suits. I made the entire thing worse myself, choosing to stand in the thickest part of the crowd. Every bump of the tracks hand someone pressing against me. The rub of an accidental hand over my back. A chest bumping against my breasts in their too-tight bra. The occasional cock rubbing against my ass. I did nothing to discourage any of them.

Half way home, I almost excused myself so I could masturbate in the toilets. But the combination of wanting to be fucked and not wanting to enter a bathroom that hadn’t been cleaned since this morning made me stay put.

By the time I opened my front door, my panties were sodden, and the overwhelming urge to jump anything with a boner had me greeting my husband in a way suitable for any porno.

“Horney?” he asked with a smirk when I finally pulled away.

I slid my hand down to his cock. “Had there been an erection on the train, I’d have been fucked already.”

“Did you eat lunch?”


Before I could grow suspicious of why lunch mattered, he pulled me towards the stairs. “We’re starting early.”

Stood around our bedroom were a selection of my usual fuck buddies. Already naked. Standing tall in every way. With a couple of hands already in motion.

“Well, if it isn’t the sex toy of the hour!” one of them said with a grin.

My husband passed me over to the group and took up his seat in the corner. Best seat in the house, he called it.

Naked bodies surrounded me. Hands groped at my clothes, tugging them away from my burning skin. I fell into the ecstasy of writhing bodies, imagining myself back on the train for a moment. No jerking carriage here. Just male bodies in need of release. And my body, naked and waiting to be used.

Someone’s fingers found me first, and slid into me, pulling a gasp of delight from my throat.

Somehow we made it to the bed and I was laid out on my back, one leg resting on someone’s shoulder as a thick cock penetrated me. A set of hands found my face and angled me to take another cock.

Soon I was lost in the rhythm of fucking and being fucked. Cock after cock rocked my body. They filled me in every way possible. Brought me to orgasm with fingers, mouths, and cocks.  

And when they left, they left me sprawled on the bed, covered in come, both theirs and mine.

“How was it?” my husband asked in a whisper.

All I could do in response was moan.

His hands fluttered over my sensitive skin, making me writhe in heightened pleasure. He teased me for a moment, then grabbed my roughly and forced me on to my front.

He spread my legs and rammed himself into me in a smooth, quick moment that made me jerk.

“As fucking hot as it was watching you act like a slut and do all those men, I think it’s time I showed you why you’re still married to me.”

Which was the best part of the whole evening. A good fuck from the one man who knew exactly which buttons to press.


Writing ©

(Source: slowly-turnaway)

The Red Mustang

I took one last glance at my naked body as I stood in front of my mirror. I smiled with excitement. The erotic events I had longed for; would finally be taking place tonight.

I put on my sexy red lace thong and slipped into my very tight form fitting black sundress. The dress came just below my rather plump ass cheeks. I opened my luscious pink lip gloss and rub it on my lips.

 I could hear the rumble of a muscle car in the distance.

 As the roar gets closer, my whole body filled with intense anticipation.

Finally, The roar came to a silence. I knew he had arrived.

“Ding” went my phone.

“I’m Here” it read

Butterflies filled my stomach as I opened the door.

There he was with his big arm muscles, slicked back black hair, and charming hazel eyes.

He was leaning against his pride and joy, A loud roaring….very fast Red Hot Mustang.

In this moment I became so aroused.

He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me close. I began tingling with goose bumps as my vagina pressed against his penis

 I felt his hand move over my butt and then slowly up my very short sundress. He squeezed a handful of my bare ass with his big strong hands.

He whispered in my ear “Babe, this dress turns me on”

I began to tingle down there as I gripped a hold of his now growing boner.

“Soon you will get to rip if off of me” I replied

Oh how the temptation had begun.

We both got in the car. He put the key in the ignition and started her up. The loud rumble of the engine began to “PURRRRRRRR”

I could feel the vibration on my freshly groomed kitty kat.

He put the windows down, turned the music up and we were off to begin our evening of lustful events.

The drinks began flowing and the sexual desire for one another became unbearable. We swiftly closed our bar tab, locked hands and headed back to the red mustang.

Once we were in the car, He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me close.

“Let’s go have some fun” he says.

We peeled out of the parking lot and drove off into the night.

I began rubbing his penis… making the bulge in his pants get hard.

My vagina began throbbing intensely at the thought of my mouth being around his rock hard cock soon.

We turned down an old dirt road; He and his buddies often frequented to drag race their V-8s.

He put the stang in first gear and let off the gas.

Ohhhh Yes Finally, I thought in my head. Now I can use his penis for my pleasure.

I then leaned over, unhooked his belt and started to unbutton his pants.

 He looked over at me and then


He reved up his engine with excitement

I unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick.

I wrapped my lips around the tip and begin sucking on it.

I slid my tongue down the side of his stiff shaft. All the way down to his balls.

The car roared again.


Up and down…up and down his cock went down my throat

His penis tasted so good

“Yes, babe that’s it” he moans

 I feel him grab a handful of my hair and pull it tight. He presses down on the back of my head, forcing his huge wet dick to slide closer to the back of my throat.

I feel my vagina beginning to get wet at the thought of him climaxing in my mouth.


“Are you ready” he yells

I slid my mouth back up his pulsating member and replied

“on your mark..      get set..”

He slams his shift stick from 1st gear down to 3rd gear.

“Gooooooooooooo….he yells..

The tires were squealing as we peeled off down the track.

I spit on his dick making it so wet, then opened my mouth wider and went back to work.

The speed of the stang only made my lips go faster and faster

Up and down, his dick I went.

He yelled “oh baby yes don’t stop

“ Im about to give you a mouthful of my cum”

I felt his dick pulsating as I moved slowly up to the tip to take in his warm seamen

“ohhh Fuck..he grunted

and began to erupt his load into my mouth.

I smiled as I swallowed his mouthful of delicious cum.

The car had made it to the finish line and so did my man.

We both want more…

He opened the door and got out. He walked around to my side and opened my door. He got down on his knees.  Grabs my legs and pulled them towards his him. He pushed me back against the console.  Grips my hips and pulls them closer. He slides up my tight dress and pulls down my damp panties.  Slowly he rubs his hands up my thighs and forces my legs open.

“Now it’s your turn” he says as he begins to bury his face into my very wet vagina

“Ohhhhh yes” I moan as he hits the right spot.  

It feels so good to feel his tongue circling around on my clit.

 “Your pussy is so wet” he says

I feel his strong hands squeezing my breast tightly. My nipples are becoming so hard.

I feel him sucking on my clit as he sticks two of his fingers into my vagina and thrust them in and out.

“Yes..Yes..right there..”

I grab the back of his head and force him deeper in my steamy wet vagina

 My legs begin to shake as I feel my orgasm nearing…

 “I want you to cum in my mouth” he says

I’m in full sexual ecstasy and ready to explode

Uhh uhh ohh yess..I moan

Yes, daddy..yes…yessss

I had made it to my orgasmic peak.

My whole body becomes numb as I orgasm and release my hot wet cum all over his face.

Slowly he stops moving his tongue and begins softly sucks on the lips of my pussy.

He gives my vagina one last kiss as he knows he has satisfied her.

Ohhh how we both want more..

Finally, the moment has come for me to feel his cock inside of me.

He stands up and takes off his shirt and pulls down his jeans.

 I am now face to face, again with his dick. Rock hard, and ready to play.

 He pulls me out the car and rips off my dress.

I feel my ass press against the stang as I am forced against the front of the car… He turns me around and bends my naked body over the top of the hood.

He spreads my legs and slowly slides his penis into my tight wet vagina.

In and out his cock went.  

Ohh ohh ohhhhh yes I moan as he goes deeper and deeper. His dick feels amazing inside me.

 “I love your tight pussy” he says, as he sqeezes my ass and pounds into me deeper.

I can feel his dick throbbing in me as he goes faster and faster.

Ohh Yes he is fucking me so good. I don’t want him to stop

He pulls me up and turns me around toward him. He picks me up and puts me on the hood of the car.  As I lay down I feel him pulling my ass towards him. I wrap my legs around him and quench my thighs tightly.  

My vagina is so wet and I just want his dick inside of me right now.

He grabs a hold of my hips and slides his cock back in.

“Ahhhh”….I hear him grunt as he gets the whole thing in. I feel his balls hitting my ass

Oh gosh, yesss…

“My dick feels so good inside you” he says as he fucks me hard

Faster and faster he would go.

Ohhhhhhh Ohhhh ohhh yes

“Harder” I moan.

I feel his thick dick sliding in and out..

In and out.

I feel my vagina getting wetter and wetter as I’m nearing orgasm

 “I want you to Cum all over my dick baby”

 “yes, Yesss..yess.” I scream

I am about to explode all over him

“Im cummmmmminnngg…

 Im cumming Im cumming “

I scream as I feel my warm cum is gushing onto him

He starts pounding me harder and deeper.

Faster and faster

 “Babe Im gonna cum..”

He rams it deep in me for one last feel before he erupts

He pulls his dick out and lays it on my breast

 I feel his warm cum begin to shower all over my chest.

Yes, yes…Yes …We had won the race!

Our seductive, erotic, lustful fantasies finally had been fulfilled.

We both laid there in silence, as we enjoyed out moment of sexual euphoria.

Oh how I could never forget that night under the stars. Racing down an old dirt track.

We were young, naked and ready to experience sex together for the first time.

All on the hood of a sweet Red Mustang.

 (Writing (c) submitter)

by the time it happened, I thought surely my cherry would be rancid

Better Late Than Never

by Hunter

They say that all good things come to those who wait, but they never say anything about what you’re to do while you’re waiting.  As a “late bloomer” who was just finishing my full growth spurt as I walked across the stage to get my high school diploma, the wait had been full of penis envy and a fear that time was passing me by.  In my desperation, I even thought about asking my parents to put me on growth hormones - anything to catch me up to my peers.  I was still a virgin when I registered for classes at the local technical college, and I wasn’t happy about that either; the virgin thing.

I had become aware of my curiosity of men a few years earlier.

Originally, it was just the men in my immediate family, but then seemingly overnight, it grew to include my neighbors, my teachers, and even the fathers of my close friends.  I yearned for that special intimate closeness that both excited and soothed me at the same time.

Just the thought of the feel of skin-on-skin contact with another male made me tingle all over, and the sight of a naked man made my heart race, and my dick stiffen.

It wasn’t until freshman year of high school that it became serious business and “horny” was a big part of it.  I didn’t think horny was noticeable to the casual observer, just to boys like me, who were keenly observant.  I got a special thrill every time I caught a classmate with an unexpected boner.  I wanted to ask if I could touch one just to feel what I was missing, but I never quite worked up the courage to do it.  When full puberty finally did arrive, my gnawing curiosity had grown into a burning obsession, and it was a welcomed relief when nature took control and helped me discover what the wait had been all about.

In college, I abruptly found out just what I had been missing one day when a tall, blond upperclassman in a decorated letter jacket followed closely behind me as I entered the men’s restroom.  Without a word, he pushed me into the first stall.  I fell back onto the john as he quickly flipped the latch, unzipped his fly, whipped out his large, hard cock, and shoved it into my mouth in total silence.  Grabbing the back of my head, he only took about ten strokes, but on the tenth one I had to swallow my built up saliva.  At that exact same instant, his big dick exploded, pouring his sticky semen down my throat and out my nose.  My head felt like it had been literally blown to pieces!  In a flash, he withdrew and was gone, leaving me choking and gasping on his massive, potent load.  Feeling stunned but somehow delightfully honored, I didn’t waste his wads as I swallowed and savored every drop.

Wiping my nose with the back of my hand, I reveled in the pungent flavor of the stud’s thick spooge for what seemed like an eternity.  I had just been personally anointed by the hottest jock in school!

Once he was sure I wouldn’t rat him out, he continued to sneak up on me, but not as roughly, at least once a week.  I seldom saw him coming, but he’d firmly usher me into a stall and commence what soon became our own special ritual.  We followed a general routine, but each time he taught me something new.  Although I’m sure he thought he was forcing me into a state of submission, I don’t think it ever occurred to him that “you can’t rape the willing,” as they say.

At first, he would just lower his jeans and white briefs so I could lick his crotch and suck his sweaty dick and balls.  Within a month, he had me tonguing his prominent tits, too.  Before long, I was running my hands up and down his smooth, sweaty thighs and around to his fuzzy ass cheeks before sucking him off.  Later on, he even let me finger his hairy butt hole while he shot his huge load into my waiting mouth, although he would always push my hand away right after he came.  By the start of the second semester, he’d let me drop my pants and play with my boner while sucking his.  By graduation time, I was eating his sweaty ass crack, which seemed to give him a special sense of dominant pride and really boned him up.  He even commanded me to jack off, forcing me to eat my own cum.  I was his boy-whore and I loved it!

I also observed him in the halls.  As the mass of students surged here and there, I saw how his eyes scanned the crowd like a hawk looking for prey.  While most male students just looked away if they caught his eye, every now and then someone would return his stare, and their eyes would lock.  As if by unspoken agreement, he’d quickly glide through the masses, sidle up next to his target, and they would quickly disappear together in the direction of the nearest men’s john.

I’d usually sneak in behind them and beat off in the next stall, listening to their muffled grunts and groans while I fought off pangs of jealousy.   I felt like he was cheating on me; fucking someone else’s mouth.

But then graduation came, and he was gone.

Now hopelessly addicted to cock, I decided to copy my mentor’s hall-staring technique.  Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I latched on to a new companion.  He was the younger brother of a classmate, and he was just as hungry as I was to explore male-on-male sex.

This guy had a nice cock, which was cut and very flat across the top.  He was fascinated by my considerably larger penis and insanely obsessed with my soft and rather long foreskin.  He went crazy when I slipped his naked cockhead into my sheath and massaged our knobs with our mutual precum.  While he would have been content to do this forever, I loved to jack off and lay a ribbon of cum along the top of his young dick, from his silky bush to his piss hole.  I’d rub my creamy load all over his cock and balls, trying my best to get him to discharge his own sticky load.  But no matter how much I urged him, he would never ejaculate, and I would exit the stall frustrated, leaving him to his own devices.

We kept this up on a regular basis until one fateful day the following semester.  Sneaking off during lunch period one day, we hurried through our established routine.  In minutes I had drained my nutsac all over his proud stiffy.  But this time I must have really been insistent on wanting him to squirt, because I think I raised my voice above the usual whisper.

"Can I help you boys out?" said a disembodied voice.

We froze in absolute terror!

Frantically looking around to locate the intruder, we discovered the head of Mr.  Cummings from campus security, peering over the top of the adjoining stall.  Speechless and shackled by the pants around our ankles, we were literally glued to the spot.  I unlocked the stall door, and the uniformed intruder crowded into our tight cubicle.

"I think I know what your problem is here, fellas," Mr.  Cummings stated, dropping his pants and boxers.  We gasped in appreciation as he exposed his mature manhood.  "Both you boys spit a few times real good in my hand." After we complied and he added some of his own saliva and precum, our intruder coated his shiny knob with part of this lube and worked the rest up into my buddy’s tight, virgin asshole.

Then without warning, he grabbed my buddy’s hips and forced his dripping cockhead into the kid’s wet hole and held it there.  The look of shock on the boy’s face was priceless.  The security guard quickly gripped my friend’s steely, cum-covered dick and started jacking him off.  “Get your cock up closer to his pisshole, son,” Mr.  Cummings said to me.  “I don’t know how long he’ll be able to hold it back.”

Sure enough, with the security guard’s big hand wrapped around his pre-lubed boner and the man’s cockhead planted squarely in his wet hole, my buddy shot his load all over my dripping penis within a matter of seconds.  His load radiated wonderful warmth throughout my cock, balls and into my groin.  But before his hot, sticky gift had a chance to cool on my semi-hard cock, Mr.  Cummings was on his knees, licking us both clean.  The way he devoured every oozing drop of our spooge, you would have thought the man was starving to death.

All the while, he jacked off his man-sized dick, spraying his massive load all over the stall floor.

Although we didn’t encounter Mr.  Cummings again the rest of that year, he had introduced us to something new.  By the next week, we had added mutual butt fucking to our routine.  This made the afternoons a real challenge as we struggled to keep each other’s hot jizz from running down the inside of our thighs.  It was also hard to keep from laughing out loud when we’d see each other from across the classroom, squirming in our seats, trying to sooth our sore, sticky man holes.

Everything finally came full circle during my last year at the technical college when I barged into a stall that I thought was empty, only to find it occupied by a cute, shorter, sandy-haired student, who had forgotten to flip the latch.  “Oh, sorry.  I didn’t know anyone was in here,” I stammered.  I quickly turned to go, despite the fact that I had caught the kid with his trousers down around his ankles and his precum-wet dick in his hand.

"Please don’t go," he pleaded looking up at me and still clutching his boner.  "I heard you like to mess around.  Would you mess around with me … please?  I promise I won’t say anything."

The almost desperate look on the kid’s face both melted my heart and steeled my cock in seconds.  It was obvious that the kid couldn’t believe his good fortune in our total chance encounter, but then neither could I.

"You want to suck my cock?" I asked.

"I guess so ….  I’ve never done that before.  All I’ve ever done is jack off with my older brother," the young man whimpered.

"Trust me, you’ll like it," I reassured him, trying to sound like some sage authority.  I whipped out my dick and grabbed the back of his head.  I was really boned up, and it was all I could do not to ram my cock down his virgin throat.  But I knew that I had to go easy if I didn’t want to scare him off.  As I inserted my cockhead between his lips, I reached down and stroked his oozing penis.  A quick gasp told me that I needed to be careful not to bring him off too quickly.  I could feel him awkwardly trying to coordinate his lips and teeth to keep from scraping my cock, so I worked my thumb into his mouth to get him to open up more.

"Have you ever tasted cum?" I asked.

"No," he replied.  "What does it taste like?"

"Here, try this," I suggested forcing a couple of my fingers covered with his precum into his mouth.

"It tastes good," he smiled back.

"Well if you think that tastes good, you’ll love what’s in my dick.

Can I cum in your mouth?” I propositioned, half afraid he’d balk at the suggestion.

But he was a born natural and already had a mouthful of my cock.  His rapid nods of consent sent a chill of excitement down my spine, so I wrapped a few fingers and my thumb around my shaft and started stroking my cock to help him along.  I knew I was packing a big load, and just the thought of letting it explode into his unsuspecting mouth was all it took to make it happen.  I grabbed the back of his head again as I felt my piss slit flare, and I blasted five big, rapid-fire wads into the back of his throat. The first few went right down because I was so deep in his throat.  The next few he had to swallow to get down.

His grunts and whimpers sent a tingle into my nuts, and I unleashed two more wads for good measure.  With my cock lodged in his mouth, he had no choice but to swallow, so I made sure he drank every drop.

To my amazement, he didn’t gag or anything.  When he looked up at me with those big, shiny eyes and mischievous grin, there was a small trickle of my load running out the corner of his mouth, which he quickly captured with his tongue.  To make things complete, I looked down at his cock to find that it was still tightly wrapped by his fist, but now it was completely covered in thick, pungent spunk.

As I pulled up my pants to go, I reached down and rubbed a couple of fingers across the top of his dick head, then stuck them in my mouth.

He beamed from ear to ear as I wiped my wet fingers in his hair while rubbing the top of his head in a gesture of affection.

The new kid and I continued to mess around together throughout my final semester.  Then one day, Mr.  Cummings surprised me with an unexpected encounter.  Just as I was about to leave after my last class on a Friday, I ran into him in the main hallway.

"Hey, young man, I’ve been meaning to catch up with you.  Do you have a few minutes?

Remembering our first encounter, I immediately sprang a boner and said, “Sure, Mr.  Cummings.  What did you have in mind?”

"Let’s take a walk down to the equipment storage room and I’ll explain."

Once inside the small, darkened room, Mr.  Cummings turned to me and dropped his pants to his ankles.  “Ever since I saw you and your pal in the john, I’ve wanted to get you alone.” He leaned forward and undid my belt, dropping my jeans to the floor.  “Any man would be proud to own what you’re packing between your legs, son.”

Blushing like I’d never done before, I looked up just as the man bent down and kissed me full on the lips.  Shock and awe raced through me like a bullet, and my cock steeled up like a motherfucker.

"I want you, son, like no one I’ve ever met," the security guard exclaimed.

"Gee, Mr.  Cummings, I really like what you did for me and my buddy.  I’ve wanted to find a way to thank you ever since.  Whatever you want, you’ve got it."

With that, Mr.  Cummings bent over the work table, grabbed a tube of something slick, and stuck two wet fingers up his butt hole.  I couldn’t believe my eyes as he massaged and opened his hairy asshole, now glistening with the lube.

"Come on, kid.  Rub your dickhead against my butt hole and help lube it up," the man commanded.

With my dick coated in my precum and the lube, some kind of animal instinct just took over me.  I jabbed my sizeable cockhead into his pulsing sphincter.  I started pounding away with all my energy.  What I obviously lacked in technique and experience, I more than made up for with enthusiasm.  Hearing Mr.  Cummings’ cry of pleasure made my nuts tighten with a strange new satisfaction as I slid all the way into his rectum.

Foregoing further formalities, I continued ramming his ass; long stroking him with my hardon, reaming out his tight hole with loud, uncontrolled grunts, just to let him know how much I was enjoying fucking his asshole.  My meaty dick head scraped the walls of his chute, sending electric tingles down my shaft.  My nutsac bounced against his as my hips collided with his muscular ass cheeks.  I was fucking a full grown man!  His masculine gasps and groans produced a power rush that radiated through my body and tightened my straining thighs, causing my nuts to draw up into a knot. I knew I wasn’t long from nutting inside him. My dick must have been on auto-pilot, as I kept this up for at least half an hour.  Feeling his body going limp with fatigue from my prolonged pounding filled me with a sense of triumph as my groin lost what was left of my self-control.  Mr. Cummings had pumped one load already on the mats in front of us.

"Oh, damn man!  I’m dumping my nuts up your fuckin’ ass!" I yelled.

I buried my prick to the hilt in the depths of his sloppy, burning chute and began to discharge my load.  Reaching under his hips, I grabbed the head of his cock, only to have him explode for a second time, this time in my hand.  I raised my palm to my lips to taste his load.  Then, not to be greedy, I shoved what remained into his gaping mouth.  Before stuffing my dripping dick back in my briefs, I shoved it into his mouth for a good cleaning.  “I think I owe you a little taste of what I left in your guts,” I teased.  As I zipped up and swaggered away, I called back over my shoulder, “Thanks for the graduation present, Mr.  Cummings.”

His panting grunts and gasps where still ringing in my ears as I slipped out the door and into a beautiful spring afternoon.  Thinking back on all the fun I’d had at the technical college, I figured the wait had been worth it after all.  Better late than never, I thought to myself.

Writing belongs to the submitter.

Anonymous asked:

is this true what you wrote?

True in what sense? And which bit? The stories are either submissions or from my own imagination, although my real life sex life does provide some inspiration. The personal questions I’ve answered, I’ve answered honestly.


Anonymous asked:

Do you do this all the time??? You must like sex so much!!! Wish my wife could be like you??? Gee

Thanks! I write as often as I can, which at the moment is taking a while because I have a book release coming up (which is my ‘day job’), so things have been non-stop for a little while. But I am looking forward to writing some steamy fucking again soon.

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